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Visit to Kenya Februrary 2019

Adaptierte Kartenspiele u Knete

In February 2019 Susanne and her mother Sabine Holm travelled to Kenya to visit some of the projects they support there. It was not easy to visit all the projects they wanted to see within one week, the time allocated for the visit. But our project Partner Mike Ng’eno from Salus Oculi Kenya (SOK) put a big effort in organizing and preparing the tour and worked out an excellent schedule. So we had the chance to meet many locally involved people, talk about ideas and plan the next steps forward.

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See Africa

See Africa - Absolventin + family

The education fund See Africa for blind and visually impaired children in Kenya has once again been able to continue to grow this year. This growth enables to reduce the distress of impaired children who are living under conditions that are hardly imaginable for us. Our friend and administrator Mike Ng’eno (Salus Oculi Kenya) emphasizes the extent to which the education fund changes the life of sponsored children and the resulting opportunities they have been given to live a self-determined life for the first time.

At the latest since the refugee crisis we all have known the importance of education in political and economic context. See Africa wants...