Support of people with special needs e.V.

Current projects

LoszuGhana Children`s Village and School

LoszuGhana 1

Water Project

At the children’s village also another polytank was erected and connected to enable easy and free flow of water from the polytank to the kitchen and as well as the vocational center.With the help of one of our volunteers water has been connected from the Old Adwampong public polytank to the school polytank .This makes it possible and easy for the kids as well as the teachers flush the waste product after answering nature’s call.


The toilets and the urinary were renovated last year with new toilet seats, wash hand basin, new doors and keys .The toilets now have a new look after painting them...

25 years Hand in Hand

Hand in hand  - Vorstand

This year our oldest partner project, the village residence Hand in Hand, celebrated its 25th anniversary. The celebrations will reach their peak at Christmas 2017. Unfortunately, none of the board members can make the trip, however, we naturally rejoice with our project partner. In the meantime, this village residence has become a second home to almost 100 mentally or physically handicapped children and teenagers or young adults. These children come from destitute situations; some were found on the street or at markets and have for the most part lost most of their original families. In the residence village Hank in Hand they receive what their lives require:...

Campaign for children with learning disabilities (CLED)

CLED Ghana

Campaign for children with learning disabilities (CLED) is a non-governmental organization in Ghana, which assists children who have learning difficulties. Pupils with special learning needs often remain undetected and then fall short when faced with the challenges of the educational system. That often results in pupils leaving school or their not receiving the documents necessary to be successful on the job market.

CLED has recognized these problems and has made it its goal to inform the public and to establish aid programs in the educational system. The coordinators also designed an extensive concept for further education, which addresses parents, teachers and...

Special Units


The development of instruction quality in special classes is finding further accompaniment from our project partners in Ghana, Belinda Bukari and Clement Ntim, who represent the network for special schools. In line with their work two projected proposals were realized this year:

  • In Koforidua staff training for teachers was carried out with the help of Ananse. Teachers from all the special classes came together to collect and present ideas concerning “best practice” –experiences to facilitate young adults with mental handicaps. Diverse Ideas were the result: making necklaces, dying material, weaving i.e. door mats, sewing projects, carpentry or soap production....

Hand in Hand Outreach Program

Outreach - Vergabe von Epilepsie Medikamenten

The non-governmental organization Hand in Hand has made it its goal to help mentally retarded children and teenagers especially in the district of Nkoranza-South. For this purpose two Ghanaian special education teachers – Gabriel K. Nkpawiase and Emmanuel Boyan- have been hired and will be travelling to the villages of this district. They find out where mentally handicapped children live and take measures to improve their social situation. Very often these children and their families are suffering from social exclusion from other village members. These teachers assemble the villagers and their leaders and shed light on the situation thus helping to counteract negative...