Support of people with special needs e.V.

Finished projects

Campaign for children with learning disabilities (CLED)

CLED Ghana

Campaign for children with learning disabilities (CLED) is a non-governmental organization in Ghana, which assists children who have learning difficulties. Pupils with special learning needs often remain undetected and then fall short when faced with the challenges of the educational system. That often results in pupils leaving school or their not receiving the documents necessary to be successful on the job market.

CLED has recognized these problems and has made it its goal to inform the public and to establish aid programs in the educational system. The coordinators also designed an extensive concept for further education, which addresses parents, teachers and...

African Braille Center

Kenya Society for the Blind

In Kenya there are a number of organizations which support the education and rehabilitation of the blind and low vision. The African Braille Center (ABC) is excellently equipped both technically and with expertise. ABC translates school books into Braille text, produces tactile illustrations, audiobooks for the blind etc. Through ABC we also obtain the equipment for our Ananse projects. Right next-door is the Kenyan Society for the Blind (KSB). This Kenyan NGO works closely together with the Department of Education to agree on common standards and equipment. KSB staff visit schools, in which blind and low vision children are educated. The staff took us on an interesting...

Special Education Center Kapkesosio

Kapkesosio 2

KapkesosioOn our travels we visited the Special Education Center in Kapkesosio, which was officially opened in 2013. We were very happy to meet old friends, who greeted us warmly and showed us their project. The buildings are in an excellent state, and paved paths have been laid to give the visually impaired children better orientation. The equipment aids are well looked after and some new material has been purchased. The pupils showed us how they...

Mitoto Primary School

Mitoto 2

The big day came at last. At the Mitoto Primary School Ananse, with the financial support of the BMZ, was able to officially open an integration unit for visually impaired pupils. On this occasion all the teachers, pupils and parents as well as representatives of the Department of Education gathered together. Everyone who had contributed to the success of the project introduced themselves and planted a tree in the grounds. The ceremony was accompanied by dancing and singing. On behalf of Ananse, Susanne was the one to cut the ribbon attached to the building, thus opening both new buildings for the tour. The first building contains two classrooms, an office and a storeroom...

Home visits


Thanks to the efforts of the teaching staff we were able to visit two pupils at home again this year. We were very warmly welcomed by the families. Not only the pupils’ parents sat down with us for a cup of tea, but the whole of the wider family came to welcome us as their guests. We talked about the challenges that families with visually impaired children have to overcome. Above all, the parents told us about the relief of being educated about their child’s impairment and being able to receive concrete help. Usually, parents don’t even know that their children have the right and the possibility of going to school. They especially value the school with the Special...