African Braille Center

In Kenya there are a number of organizations which support the education and rehabilitation of the blind and low vision. The African Braille Center (ABC) is excellently equipped both technically and with expertise. ABC translates school books into Braille text, produces tactile illustrations, audiobooks for the blind etc. Through ABC we also obtain the equipment for our Ananse projects. Right next-door is the Kenyan Society for the Blind (KSB). This Kenyan NGO works closely together with the Department of Education to agree on common standards and equipment. KSB staff visit schools, in which blind and low vision children are educated. The staff took us on an interesting tour there. As a result of our discussion a big problem in the administration of the aid equipment became apparent. There is no central registration of where equipment is handed out. A networking of all organizations is urgently needed, and so we considered strategies, as to how this could be achieved. The first steps are to be discussed at a meeting of all organizations in Nairobi.