Home visits

Thanks to the efforts of the teaching staff we were able to visit two pupils at home again this year. We were very warmly welcomed by the families. Not only the pupils’ parents sat down with us for a cup of tea, but the whole of the wider family came to welcome us as their guests. We talked about the challenges that families with visually impaired children have to overcome. Above all, the parents told us about the relief of being educated about their child’s impairment and being able to receive concrete help. Usually, parents don’t even know that their children have the right and the possibility of going to school. They especially value the school with the Special Education Center as a place where they can meet and swap experiences with other affected families.

Hausbesuch 2

We also had time to discuss mutual questions about our two countries and their peoples. The climatic differences, and resulting agricultural conditions between Germany and Kenya, continually gave rise to discussions. We discussed with each other the status of the family and the state, specifically with relation to social services, and compared the quite different roles of men, women and children. The atmosphere in these discussions was marked by interest in each other and mutual esteem.