Mitoto Primary School

The big day came at last. At the Mitoto Primary School Ananse, with the financial support of the BMZ, was able to officially open an integration unit for visually impaired pupils. On this occasion all the teachers, pupils and parents as well as representatives of the Department of Education gathered together. Everyone who had contributed to the success of the project introduced themselves and planted a tree in the grounds. The ceremony was accompanied by dancing and singing. On behalf of Ananse, Susanne was the one to cut the ribbon attached to the building, thus opening both new buildings for the tour. The first building contains two classrooms, an office and a storeroom for learning materials, and makes up the Special Education Center. The pupils proudly showed us through the second building containing a dormitory for 24 girls, which looked very inviting with comfortable sleeping recesses, small wooden cupboards and new showers and toilets. We also visited the already purchased cows and discovered that the sale of the milk is proving to be a good source of income.

The greater part of the expenditure on the project fell in 2017, as well as some of the grants for the project from the ‘Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit’ going into the project from our bank account.