In order to support Ananse’s work, there are two possibilities to donate money.

  1. You can directly give a donation to one of the projects. If so, please use the correct keyword to carry out the credit transfer (see respective projects). In that case your money will only pour into this project.
  2. You can also support Ananse’s work without selecting a certain project. In that case, Ananse can direct the donation wherever the need is greatest. The work of the association is supported by these donations and also by the membership fees. Therefore, the costs for postage, information material, construction of website etc are covered.

The board of the association and its active members work only on a voluntary basis.
The donation is tax-deductible. At the end of the calendar year, Ananse issues you with a receipt for the donation. Please write down keyword and your address on the transfer form. Otherwise Ananse e.V. cannot send you the receipt of the donation.

Sparkasse Dortmund
Account: 211 012 439
BLZ: 440 501 99

IBAN: DE88 44 05 01 99 02 11 01 24 39