Our partners

 Ananse e.V. cooperates with the following non-governmental organisations:

The ghanaian Non-Governmental Organisation LoszuGhana is currently putting up the structures of a children village for street children from Kumasi. The NGO is attracting a lot of volunteers from Ghana and from Europe. The children will live together with caregivers and go to school in the neighbouring village. Ananse e.V. collects donations for the project on their account and sends them to LoszuGhana.

Ananse e.V. is one of the numerous member groups of Welthaus Bielefeld.

See africa is created from the private initiative of Uwe Reher and Juliane Schmidt-Reher. Since 2002 they have been looking for supporters of school and afterschool training for blind children and adolescents. Since 2006 their work has been a part of Ananse e.V. and the project partner in Kenya (Salus Oculi Kenya) is also responsible for administration and documentation of the school fees.

The association Ghana e.V. resulted from the initiative of the Rural Youth of Lower Saxony. Since the foundation of the association, Ghana e.V. has only benefited Rural Youth Association Wenchi-Nkoranza in Ghana. Ananse e.V. and Ghana e.V. introduced together the construction of the training centre for people with and without disabilities in Wenchi.

Deutsches Blindenhilfswerk (DBHW) was founded in 1961. In contrast to self-help groups such as local associations for blind and partially sighted people, DBHW does not support its own members but blind and partially sighted people who are in need of help all over the world. DBHW works in Germany, East Europe, East and West Africa and sometimes in Asia and South America.
Ananse e.V. and DBHW have both the non-governmental organisations Salus Oculi Kenya as project partner. Regular exchange about the work location is required for that.

Bezev e.V. (Behinderung und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit) campaigns for equal participation of people with disabilities in development processes that contribute to a fair and social world and to a design of a sustainable development.
bezev sees equal participation of people with disabilities as human right and supports chances for participation of people with disabilities in inclusive development processes.
bezev was founded in 1995 and is a registered and charitable association and also confessionally and politically independent. However, it cooperates closely with church- related aid organisations and organisations that are related to development policy.
Ananse e.V. and bezev cooperate especially within the context of the „weltwärts“ voluntary service. Since 2010, jobs from Ananse’s partner projects have also been offered.

Africa action/Deutschland e.V. (aa/D, known as Ghana Aktion) is a registered charitable aid organisation for blind people and those who are mentally and physically disabled in Africa.
Ananse e.V. is a corporate member of aa/D and cooperates, among other things, with local workers of aa/D in Ghana within the frame of the realisation of projects.